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~ Republican Advocate – Batavia, Genesee County, New York
December 23-1862.

Benevolence of Good Ladies of Alexander.

We would call the attention of our readers to the benevolence of the
good ladies of Alexander[New York]. Since the commencement of the war, they
have been indefatigable in their exertions to help our soldiers in the
field, and relieve the sick in the hospitals. Besides the list of hospital
stores which we publish to-day, they have sent several boxes to different
companies that have gone from this county. We hope it will stimulate the
neighboring towns to do likewise.

The Ladies of Alexander have contributed, during the year, the following
hospital stores for the relief of the soldiers:

14 fl cotton shirts; 30 Canton flannel shirts; 2 linen shirts; 10 woolen
8 pairs Canton flannel drawers; 10 pair woolen drawers;
50 pair pantaloons; 1 woolen coat; 6 linen coats;
110 pair woolen socks; 20 pair cotton socks;
120 hospital quilts; 12 blankets; 210 feather pillows;
1 chair cushion; 20 husk and hair pillows;
500 towels; 7 doz. napkins;
25 papers of corn starch; 1 lb Iceland moss;
150 pairs pillow cases; 145 pairs of cotton sheets; 5 linen sheets;
400 pocket handkerchiefs; 220 dressing gowns;
3000 rolls of bandages; 150 lbs of lint; 110 rolls of old linen and cotton
for dressing wounds;
30 bushels of dried apples; 100 lbs dried cherries; 20 lbs dried plums; 30
lbs dried raspberries;
50 lbs currants; 35 lbs peaches; 12 lbs pears; 9 lbs blackberries;
4 cans of cherries and gooseberries; 4 of peaches; 2 of strawberries; 4 of
raspberries; 2 of honey; 5 of currant jelly;
2 bottles of cherry bounce; 4 bottles of currant wine; 1 bottle of raspberry
4 bottles of catsup; 1 jar of pickled plums; 1 jar of pickled lilly;
2 lbs Castile soap; sponges and wash rags; 4 papers of pins;
1 box of crackers; 10 lbs butter;
and a quantity of reading matter.

District No. 8 has also contributed a barrel of onions and a valuable
box of hospital stores.


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~ Spirit of the Times, Batavia NY
January 23-1864.

“That Shirt”

Some six years ago the ‘Regulator’s’ sold to a Mr. Levitt, of
Bethany, 3 1/4 yards of shirting for the enormous sum of 6 cents, which was
made into a shirt, and has worn out two bosoms already. Mr. L. was in town
the other day in pursuit of more linen, and says that the body of the shirt
is as good as new, and by adding another bosom to it and placing the costly
6 cent apparel in a glass box, it will then be in readiness for the Express
Company to convey to the Cincinnatti Sanitary Fair to be placed on
exhibition by the side of Uncle Abraham’s original Emancipation

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