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Republican Advocate – Batavia NY
August 3-1861.

The Ellsworth Regiment.

For some reason unknown to us we have not learned of the appointment of
a single soldier to represent the different towns in this county in this
Regiment. This does not look very well for the enterprise of our young men.
The county of Genesee should have at least a representative from each of the
thirteen towns. We, however, attribute the failure to other causes than a
disinclination to enter the service.

We have already raised three companies in this county, but that is not
enough. We owe it to ourselves, to our cause and to the country, that we
should not be behind our neighboring counties in this patriotic work.

But it is not too late now, for __ be fully represented in what will be
a favorite Regiment – the Ellsworth Zouaves. The committee having the matter
in charge have recently issued another call, and inasmuch as several other
counties are behind in the good work, they propose that any town which
chooses, may select any number of young men, but not to exceed five in
number, and by raising the sum of $20 for each man thus selected, which sum
goes with a fund to purchase such necessary outfit, etc., as the Government
does not supply. The equipment of the regiment will be done by the

It should be borne in mind, that all persons entering this Regiment will
be entitled to the same mileage and bounty which other volunteers are
entitled to.

The qualifications for this Regiment are – the soldiers to be selected
shall be unmarried men, not less than five feet eight inches in height,
active, able-bodied, and not to exceed thirty years of age. The pay will
commence on the day after they arrive at Albany.

This Regiment must be full by the 20th inst.

Let some of our young men in the different towns take hold of the
matter, and we have no doubt that quite a number may be procured in the


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Republican Advocate-Batavia NY
January 20-1863.

The Battle Flag of the 44th N.Y.V.

A Washington correspondent of the N.Y. ‘Tribune,’ speaks as follows of the
flag of the gallant 44th (Ellsworth) regiment:

“The battle flag of the 44th New York is at the rooms of Mrs Erastus
Corning, at Willard’s – an object of veneration. It is ragged with eighty
four bullet holes. Twice was its staff cut in two by balls. Two shells
have passed through it. Twelve color bearers have been shot dead, holding it
in front of the regiment, and eighteen wounded. It is properly to be
photographed by Brady. Mrs Corning has given the regiment a new flag.”

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Spirit of the Times, August 31-1861.
Batavia NY

The People’s Regiment.

We inadvertently omitted to mention last week, that Batavia had furnished
two able young men of the Ellsworth Regiment now forming at Albany, and that
they had left for the rendezvous. Their names are Wm. H. McManis and Henry
C. Kendall; the latter is another printer gone to the wars from this place,
making eight typos in all who have volunteered to defend the Union and the
Constitution against the enemy.

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