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Republican Advocate – Batavia NY
February 8-1862.

Who Knew a Boy Named William Gardner?

A drummer boy named Wm. Gardner, who formerly lived in Batavia, has just
died in Camp Morgan, Buffalo.
The ‘Express’ of that city has the following notice of the case:

“About eight or ten days ago, a boy apparently 15 years old, named Wm.
Gardner, came into Camp Morgan and applied for a place as drummer or
servant. He was taken on trial, in the latter capacity, by the Capt. of Co.
“E.” He seemed to be in perfect health until day before yesterday, when he
was taken slightly ill, and procured some medicine, but continued to perform
his duties as usual. In the night he became very sick, and sent for the
surgeon, who visited him and found him in a dying condition, past relief.
He died yesterday morning.”

Before his death he stated to Lieut. Lynch, of Co. “E,” that he had a
father and step-mother in Rochester; that he had been living in Batavia and
Pembroke, the latter most recently. After his death there was found upon
his person a letter addressed to him, apparently by some young comrade, but
without signature, post-marked, “Pembroke, Jan. 24, 1862.”

We mention these facts in order to bring about if possible, a
recognition of the remains by the boy’s friends. They will be kept for a few
days, and if the father or other relatives of the deceased becomes
acquainted, through this publication, with his death, and desires to obtain
the body, he will find it at Farwell’s Coffin Rooms, on Niagara street.


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