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Bethany is my home, a rural area of Genesee County, New York - with rolling hills that are lush green in spring and summer, hues of red, yellow, and orange in autumn, and white throuhout the winter season. My interest is in local history; some of the books I've authored include: *The Poor House and the People ~a book of the lives of some of the residents of the county Poor House in the mid-1800s, located in Bethany *Mary Erwin, Poetess of Bethany ~a book of Mary Erwin's poetry; she published poems in the nearby Batavia newspaper, and she was known for the memorial poems and tributes she wrote for loved ones in the mid-1800s. *Bethany: The Town and the People ~This contains information on the schools of early Bethany, churches, and newspaper articles from throughout the 1800s.

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